About this Blog and its Author

This blog is written by Anne Zieger. I’m a consultant, interactive analyst, marketer and writer who has followed the technology biz for almost 20 years.

Want to connect? I can be reached at:

Email: anneczieger@gmail.com
Twitter: @socialmediastat or @annezieger
IM: annezieger on AIM
Phone: (703) 860-0796
Skype: anne.zieger

In this blog, I’m digging into the practicalities of marketing and communicating in a Web 2.0 world. In particular, I’m looking at the key problems marketers face in leveraging the bewildering range of possibilities available within social networks–and where I can, offering case studies, statistics and solutions.

What I Do

When I’m not blogging, I help companies solve their most complicated communications and strategy problems, including social media strategy development, marketing communications and product strategy.


My marketing clients have included Microsoft, IBM, Sybase, Network Solutions and almost a hundred other large and small technology firms.


My writing and analysis on interactive strategy, technology and business has since appeared in Business Week, Forbes, Information Week, Byte, CIO, Advertising Age and dozens of other leading business and technology publications.


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