Watch out: Will your company be slammed on Snubster or Hatebook?

For every phenomenon, there’s a dark side — and that, of course, includes social networking.  Of late, that’s shown up with a crop of “anti-social” networking sites designed to allow people to release their bile. (OK, these sites aren’t exactly “dark” but they aren’t friendly either, though I guess that’s the point!)  At present, destinations like, Enemybook and Snubster seem to be aimed more at lashing out against people who irritate them, such sites also include rants about about companies and trends that get under people’s skin.

If you’re an Internet marketer with a visible brand, I’d make it my business to look at these sites now and again and check street level market perceptions. I know, it’s already enough of a pain to cope with the buzz on chat boards, chatter on the “positive” social media sites, discussion lists and what have you, but hey, at least these sites admit that the people there are peeved. They’re worth a look.

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