An amazing 2007 for social media acquisitions

Folks, you’ve just got to get a look at the extensive list of social media M&A deals compiled by Web startup PartnerUp.  (Nice work, guys!) The social media deal list is buried within a longer list of deals in other sectors, including general Web content/applications firms, enterprise software/hardware and so on. But skim along and you’ll find it, under the heading “Social Networking Companies Acquired in 2007.”  Though there’s mostly routine consolidation and jockeying for position there, it does give a sense of what trends the big boys are embracing (never thought I’d see a hardware vendor like Cisco on such a list!).

And of course, the $700 million Disney (DIS) spent to acquire Club Penguin certainly stood out. Poor Disney apparently didn’t already have enough channels available to completely brainwash my four and seven year old and capture my last entertainment dollar. (snark) In all seriousness, this buyout is a huge landmark in the evolution of social media for kids.

All told, this list very useful reading–in part because it includes deal values for a large percentage of those listed–and entertaining, too, if you’re juiced by transaction tales like I am. (Have I mentioned that I’ve always wanted to play VC?)

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