Turning podcasts into talk shows could be a Webcasting alternative

Despite its high sex-appeal level, I’ve never been a huge fan of podcasting or Internet radio. After all, looked at one way, any Web platform which packages up content and delivers it ready-made to end users is behind the times. But now, it looks like a new class of applications may change podcasts from a static medium to an interactive one, according to a trend piece by CNET News.

Over the last year, services like BlogTalkRadio, Talkshoe and Skypecast have emerged to let people host their own “talk radio” shows. Though their underlying approach isn’t identical, they all let people take live callers (basically repackaging audioconferencing with a new spin).

BlogTalkRadio is particularly notable in that it lets people stream the podcast in real-time–though on the other hand, it does intersperse chat with advertising, something that undercuts its value in some settings. It’s also notable that unlike the others I’ve mentioned, it positions itself as a “social media podcast” service. Good call.

From what I’ve seen of these platforms, they seem to be an interesting way to reach out to customers, particularly in B2B marketing, where it makes more sense to engage in complex discussions with your user base. Though I’d never be able to justify using an ad-driven product to host a marketing event, I particularly like BlogTalkRadio’s live streaming capabilities. I’ll be particularly interested to see where they take this–done right, I think it could provide an interesting alternative to traditional corporate Webcasting events.

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