MySpace vs. Facebook: A battle neither will win

According to a new piece running on gossipy interactive marketing site Adotas, MySpace is girding its metaphoric loins to do battle with Facebook.  The two, each of which have tremendous momentum, are bloodying themselves in a war for the billions of page views currently generated by social media users. In my view, though, they’re headed in the wrong drection.

OK, I’d be a moron if I suggested that the billion-dollar market they’re fighting over is going away. Of course it isn’t. But given the emergence of smarter-than-ever widgets — widgets smart enough to distribute advertising in a sophisticated way — look for those ads to migrate to blogs over time.  Not all, but enough to make a huge difference.

While giants like MySpace and Facebook should certainly keep fighting for the consumer social media audience, they should be spending just as much time and energy positioning themselves to integrate their functionality better into blogs. That’s where the real growth will be over time.  In the near future, blogs will begin to look a lot more like Facebook — content and functions both — and each will become their own, distinctive mini-networking site.

Micro-communities are the wave of the future. As users continue to control more content, massive social media portals and utilities just won’t dominate the market anymore. Just look at, say, to see where I’m headed with this.

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