Preschoolers going online

My four-year-old is an absolute digital addict. He speaks Internet fluently, for a pre-schooler at least, using the terms “click,” “download,” and “online” appropriately and often. He plays Flash games for literally hours at a time without break–he’s a Nick Jr. branding guy’s dream–and just adores PC and console gaming. Sometimes it’s hard to get him to bed because he wants to stay in the digital world just a few minutes more.

I guess that explains why marketers at Fischer-Price, a company that has kept its place in the world of toys for a reason, is introducing a baby MP3 device it tags the Kid-Tough FP3 Player. The device, which retails for $70, is part of Fischer-Price’s “Preschool Electronics” product line.  Preschool electronics? I’m lucky to have a decent MP3 player myself, and I’m no baby.

What does all of this mean? Not sure, other than to note that if you think marketing to tweeners is tough, try selling to someone whose hero is Dora the Explorer and lives on syrupy waffles. I’m trying to imagine the focus group.


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